I’ve sailed. I like sailing. I bought a boat.
I also like motorcycles , I have too many.

I spent most of my childhood summers sailing on Lake Simcoe, a big lake just North of Toronto. We had two Kolibri boats, the first was orange, almost exactly like the photo (only the rudder was black plastic), it got loose in a storm one year and was smashed on the rocky shore. The second was white decked with a funky rainbow sail.

I spent countless hours both solo or with my brother and friends bobbing across the lake, well Cooks Bay really.  It was a great boat, but always a bit slow for my taste, I think a Laser would have been more fun – I was always jealous of the zippy catamarans that would blast by! Neighbors had larger boats and we went for great sails on those “real” boats.  I did some crewing on a J35 in the early 2000s, didn’t care for the attitude of the skipper and some of the hardcore crew. Reminded me of why a fistfight broke out on my Ultimate team, between team-mates – yeah, egos. It’s funny that I should buy almost the same boat 30 years later, I should look for some photos, I might have been on a Tanzer 7.5 or a Tanzer 22 maybe ?!  As a kid they seemed very big to me.

Now I am looking forward to escaping the city heat with family and friends, spending summer days on the water with a breeze, exploring the Islands.


First Mate belts out sea shanties from below!

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