Bamboo sink cover

IMG_0329Counter space is rare on most sailboats but seems to be a premium on the Hunter 340.  At first glance it seems there is a reasonable amount of space but the counter has a double sink, garbage hole/lid smack in the middle of the counter and a top-access fridge. There is only about a square foot that is free.  Preparing meals is like playing chess, you are constantly moving things around the counter trying to strategize the best way to do things. This is especially so with summer meals with multiple salads or burgers and all the condiments and trimmings. A sink cover creates much needed space so I decided to make a second cover for the larger sink to compliment the white Starboard (I assume?) cover for the small sink. I am also contemplating making a cover for the stove as small items like jars tend to fall over on the grill.

I found cheap bamboo cutting boards at Dollarama, for only $3! Unfortunately the biggest size wasn’t wide enough to cover the larger sink, so I made one that fit the small the small sink using the original as a template. The smaller size still fits on the larger sink, but with a two inch gap. not a big deal.

This project was mostly a woodworking exercise, I wanted to play with my router to make the stepped bottom, and I was curious as to how bamboo handles as a material (it can splinter something fierce!). When I made my first cut on the table saw I was quite surprised to find the core of the board is loosely spaced bamboo. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, it was only a three dollar cutting board. I finished off the cover with some teak oil, which gives it a nice deep finish.

The previous owner used the original Starboard cover as a cutting board leaving it scored with deep dirty knife cuts that refused to come clean despite scrubbing. I’ll admit that using sink cover as a cutting board is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, unless you don’t want to look at dirty knife grooves forever. The weight and space of a cheap cutting board is nominal on a bloat, I mean boat, like the Hunter 340 and I can’t imagine cooking with only one cutting board anyway.

Once I finished the bamboo cover, I sanded down the original Starboard cover and removed the knife scores, it looks brand new. Now I have two perfect sink covers- I pity the first person who mistakes them for cutting boards.


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