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Dingy dinghy – how to clean PVC (vinyl)

In my never ending quest to keep boating affordable, I am keeping my old dinghy limping along. It is dirty and wearing out (topsides of the tubes are down to the threads), but holds air so I can’t complain. I figure I better show it some love but don’t want to make things worse by using corrosive chemicals or abrasives. Looks like the¬†ArmourAll I put on it three years ago might have expatiated it’s demise! Continue reading Dingy dinghy – how to clean PVC (vinyl)

Delivery – not deliverance

I decided not to drive up to Lagoon City to watch the boat being loaded – I figured there was little for me to do besides watch – and as interesting as that would be , I didn’t think it was worth 4 hours of driving.¬† I was expecting Al to arrive around 12-1., he called to say he was running late because of road work, but still managed to get here by noon.

It was a tight squeeze and a good thing the yard was empty. By the time Aida was on the ground, there were cradles and trailers populating the yard.