Holding tank, holding breath

The toilet to holding tank hoses on Tortuga, I assume, are original and the source of our stinking shame. We developed a big odour problem by the end of season and eradicaton of odour was a priority job for 2014 launch.  I picked up a new Jabsco pump unit on sale at the end of last season as the entire unit was cheaper then a gasket rebuild kit and I could see that  the flimsy plastic pump was distorting, so I wasn’t convinced freshgaskets would stop the spurts of water when pumping. Although not a source of odor, water spraying out of your toilet isn’t exactly the experience I’m after.

trident 1.5 sanitation hose I contemplated using PVC tubing instead of replacement hose as it is much cheaper and will never smell, but the complete lack of access to the hose run made me I realized that while I might (no, it’s impossible) get a pipe in, there would be no way to secure the pipe from banging around. Securing PVC in marine installations is key as flexing and movement will lead to cracked joints and leaks. Hose it is. Trident, the industry standard is guaranteed for 10 years, in fresh water I should be able to get 15-20 years – who knows if I’ll have the boat then?! I’ve gleaned what I can from forums and Peggy Hall and bought some holding tank treatment (Happy Campers) to keep the vent air fresh. Final task is  to back flush the vent to ensue proper airflow to the tank.

You can see the difference in wall thickness of the old hose (black) and new(white). The old hose stank, yes that exact perfume that made me say “my boat stinks”. It seems some of the hose may have been replaced; the pump-out section was a different brand, and it  really really stank, last piece of original hose perhaps? Did I mention the stink?

Trident sanitaion hose.
Stink Stank Stunk.

I cut the straps and took the holding tank out as there was no way to replace the hose without being a contortionist with whisp-thin arms, removing it also gives great access for cleaning up the wiring. I washed the holding tank out as best as I could with laundry detergent and a bit of bleach- lots of rocking & sloshing, got most of the crud off the walls. I hope the level sensor got cleaned off as it doesn’t read and would be a useful feature – I gave it three rinses.


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