Ikea lights

Before we left or the 1000 islands I grabbed some Ikea strip lighting. It is cheap and easy to install. I played around with a few locations and decided one a strip above the sink. Given that this is the most used location in the boat it makes sense, also it us useful as a reading light when sitting at the table.

I tied into the supply for the round light fixture. a few snips, crimps and a quick solder on the ikea fixture and we were finished. I included a shot of breakfast as a way of explanation, the kids were off playing in Gananoque while I did this.

I experimented with lots of locations for these strips. They work tucked under the cabinetry as incidental lighting. Especially low down. I could go crazy creating nice mood lighting on the boat. The next one to be installed will be in the bathroom under the cabinet above the sink. It creates nice lighting and brightens a dead area.

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