Inverter repair – xantrex xpower 1000

cooked mosfet
cooked mosfets

This summer I fried the old Xantrex xpower 1000 inverter. I can’t remember if it was the blender the did it….  This is a 2007 square wave inverter and I think the “digital” speed controller on the blender did a number on the inverter as well as frying the blender. I should upgrade to a pure sign wave to keep my electronics safe. but it will be nice to have a backup inverter to the older Xantrex onboard.

small_mosfetI can find an updated owners manual on Xantex’s website, looks like the only difference is a GFI outlet and remote on/off switch.


Opening it up reveals several fried MOSFETS, they are obsolete but the equivalent is avail from (see chart below)

Old part: IXTP182N055T
New Part: IXTP200N055T2-ND

Looks like I only need two as the same channel is cooked on each. I’ll start with the two pieces and see if things work – it’s only $17 for the parts with shipping.

Update:  Replaced all 4 and it still beeped, got hot and then stopped doing that  – so I cut my losses and tossed it. The low price of a new inverter doesn’t make sense testing all the components (I barely know what I am doing) and rules out taking it to a professional. Shame that we live in such a disposable society.

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