Approved – let the planning begin.

As an educator we have a great option available to us, Prepaid Leave Plan (PLP) commonly called a “four over five”.  I can defer a quarter of my salary for four years and then take the fifth year off and receive three quarters of my salary with my job is there waiting for me upon return. I just got approval so the count down begins!

2019/2020 is our year!

Rene Schwietzke / Via Flickr: rene-germany
Rene Schwietzke / Via Flickr: rene-germany

Teachers can do this too which is a good thing as Alison is a primary teacher, I don’t think she would be amused if the girls and I sailed off for a year.

These posts will be about my research and our slowly solidifying plans for that year.  When given the choice of what to do for a year, well two summers and a year to be exact,  it gets a bit daunting, the choices seem a bit endless. One goal is to sail down to the Bahamas and back via the

Inter Coastal Waterway (ICW), spend time in Europe (German Christmas markets) and explore the planet with our children who will be age 10 and 8 that year.