Saga of the leaking tap.

I installed a salvaged Scandvik shower mixer, part #10466 in the hot hole in the bathroom counter when I replaced the taps. It was fine until I winterized the boat last fall and wondered why there was pink on the counter and dripping out of the facet.

Scandvik shower mixerI opened the cartridge and found that there is a o-ring that sits atop the upper ceramic disc that appeared to have been pinched. How this happened I don’t know. Perhaps it swelled from the alcohol in the antifreeze?

After searching the internet and finding the model #, then contacting Scandvik I received a parts diagram and a quote for $30 USD plus shipping for a new cartridge. 10466_Scandvik_shower_mixer_parts. The actual cartridge says “made in Italy”.

O-ringsWhat I really needed is a twenty four cent o-ring, not a fifty dollar cartridge. After a few visits to plumbing stores, Canadian, Tire and Home Depot I realized that I need an o-ring specialist. My local supplier was happy to sell me the correct silicone ring, but they have a $25 min order.

I found online and they sent me 25 silicone o-rings for $6 USD and $4.50 shipping. That’s more like it!
I ordered 18mm inner diameter with a 2mm thickness.  The o-ring is a bit large in thickness, but seems to do the trick, I’ll have to see how it fares with water pressure, but I think it is fine. If the o-ring fails I have 24 more replacements to go through before I order the 1.5mm for $5.50.

Old blue ring at top, new o-ring below.

Happy to report it works like a charm!

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