Sewing starts – cockpit cushions

I finally got a chance to put my walking-foot sewing machine to productive use. I placed an order from JT’s Top Shop for some marine grade vinyl, UV thread and some Sunbrella fabric. The Sunbrella is just a test swatch to check colour and practice before I do a new sail cover and bimini later in the spring (after launch and the mast is up).
First off I was absolutely amazed at how stinky the vinyl was – it reeked like a jar of contact cement. I left it unrolled on the deck for a couple of days to off gas. I always thought the granola crowd was a bit alarmist when talking about off-gassing plastics, but now I understand what they are talking about (and this comes from a guy that has no problem being elbows deep in acetone/mek/gas etc…)

I deconstructed the existing cushions to make a pattern and reused the foam and zippers – ok at this point I’ve only done one, three to go. Must say I am very pleased with the sewing machine. I was looking about for a cord/welt foot but saw on the Sailrite site that the machine has a built in groove, when I checked mine it was there too – guess it really is only the paint colour that is different from Sailrite!

old cushion for pattern

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