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Saga of the leaking tap.

I installed a salvaged Scandvik shower mixer, part #10466 in the hot hole in the bathroom counter when I replaced the taps. It was fine until I winterized the boat last fall and wondered why there was pink on the counter and dripping out of the facet.

Scandvik shower mixerI opened the cartridge and found that there is a o-ring that sits atop the upper ceramic disc that appeared to have been pinched. How this happened I don’t know. Perhaps it swelled from the alcohol in the antifreeze?

After searching the internet and finding the model #, then contacting Scandvik I received a parts diagram and a quote for $30 USD plus shipping for a new Continue reading Saga of the leaking tap.

New boat!

We did it! We have stepped up to a 1999 Hunter 340. It’s a big leap but ouR rationale is a bigger boat will be a cottage substitute and allow us to do over-nighters in style with a real kitchen, bathroom (shower!) and bedroom! The cockpit is clear of ropes as the arch has the traveler on it and all lines run under the deck and a swim platform (with shower!). It has a roller-furler on the jib and main, for super ease of use.  I think if it as a floating rec-room, hopefully the kids will too.

Of course we need a new name… Sophie suggested “Dude” in honour of the turtle in Finding Nemo.