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Custom Lifesling Bag

This is before the snow fell.

The north eastern sailor is confronted with winter downtime, the boat is on the hard and it’s too cold to work on, under, or in the boat. Given it’s is -14° c and a foot of snow fell last night, I decided to do some sewing.

I had some leftover Sunbrella from my (half-finished) Bimini project that would be perfect for a new Lifesling bag. The original bag has been exposed to the elements for 13 seasons and although physically sound, it was dirty, faded and the instructions printed on the exterior of the bag looked like heiroglyphics, a combination of partial words and obscured images.

I tore the original yellow bag apart to make a template and spent a couple of evenings stitching a new one using my walking foot sewing machine. I used white outdoor furniture mesh for the bottom panel to allow for drainage and ventilation (I sourced this from  a dumpster while scavenging an air compressor). The Velcro straps are ice-axe straps from MEC, a buck a piece.

I can’t say I’d make these for money, but it was a satisfying project and cost almost nothing as I had most of the materials..

My kids kept asking what I was making. I tried to explain the whole toss-it-overboard-when-someone-falls-into the-water-thing, but they think it’s a backpack and think we should keep food in it. I explained that it will be mounted on the boat and it really wouldn’t be a good idea to keep food in the sun for a whole season… “no daddy, we can keep food in it.”