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Hunter 340 – to do list

With  a new boat comes new projects, I actually like doing them but I do need to balance how much time I spend away from the family!

We need to spend some time getting her ready for launch, but I am super excited! Here is my list of things to do in somewhat hierarchical/sequential order, some are trivial some are big jobs:

  1. Batteries – luckily it looks like two of the three existing batteries are good enough, despite the neglect they suffered. Well actually they are pretty much toast!
  2. New sails – on order from Rolly Tasker
  3. New running rigging – some replaced
  4. bottom scraped, epoxy coat and VC17 done!!
  5. Engine sorted out (Yanmar 3 cylinder diesel) – pretty much OK
  6. Bimini for shade- half done!
  7. Netting to keep the kiddies from falling out…
  8. BBQ, refurbish and mount– done
  9. Refinish brightwork – for better or worse there is almost none!
  10. Check all systems/pumps etc.. everything works!
  11. Cushions for interior – got foam – finished aft birth mattresses
  12. Cushions for cockpit- maybe next year

Dinghy clean up

In the spring I decided to show my dinghy some love. I scrubbed it, patched a small hole (the hole I made dragging it over to be cleaned…) reattached the transom and floor and fitted a new drain/plug. I repainted the floor with bottom paint I found on super sale ($50 reduced to $5).

Here are some  before shots before the UV and weather took it’s toll and the rubber got gummy …

New toys for and old boat

My Tanzer 7.5 is officially 30 years old this season, so I think it is time I give it a birthday present or two.
I picked up a new compass as the old one has spit it’s oil out. I refilled it with mineral oil and epoxied it shut which seemed to do the trick, until the heat of the sun popped my glue open. The oil on the bulkhead was a good fly trap and kept the gel coat shiny… ahh well, it was worth a try. I can truly strike this off my to do list.

Plastimo Contest 101
Plastimo Contest 101

I sprung for new spliced nylon docklines, although they are a somewhat electric green, the price was right, ($13 for 20′ 1/2″), I might be running the risk of looking like a christmas boat with red and green, but at least they will match and are new!

I am currently enrolled in the Canadian Power Sail Squadron’s Seamship course, it is heavy on navigation and charting; a functioning compass will come in handy on the water!


Well, I am making progress on the brightwork, doing every bit of wood on the exterior, except the handrails which seem fine.  The engine and tiller mounts, winch pads and the little bits at the end of the tracks.  I’ve used 2 part cleaners that are very aggressive, but given the state of the hatchboards, I thought there is no point is going halfway.
I’m using Cetol Light which is a bit opaque, I am not sure if I like it as after about the 4th coat the wood gets a milky fake-wood look to it. I am hoping that this will provide extra UV protection…? Regardless it is nice to see the teak come up and look crisp and clean. I made up a set of temporary hatch grooves on the table saw – used some old pine lying around – matches the winter hatches (also in pine)!

I started poking at the ports to see what the situation is. Given the extremely poor shape I am really hoping that this is the source of the water in the bilge – otherwise I don’t know where that water came from! I am toying with the idea of putting new acrylic flush on the exterior in a modern style – but I think I will just replace the inner gasket and glass to keep the original look.

to do list

One of my purchasing requirements was that the boat had to be in “drop in the water and go” condition. Given my penchant for things that need restoration, my time limitations with a full time job and young family – I didn’t need another project. That doesn’t mean the boat couldn’t use some work – but there was nothing that would prevent me from just going sailing in the spring, like a hole in hull, or a dead inboard motor.

However, every boat needs maintenance, so here’s my list in a loose order of what needs to be done ending in make work projects:

  • install holding tank (have hoses) done! replaced all hoses, added antisiphon loop
  • replace port seals or upgrade to modern flush mounted plexi almost done!
  • polish and wax hull  wow – a two day full throttle attack!
  • overhaul winches 3 out of 3 done.
  • reseal chainplates done!
  • remove and refinish misc brightwork –  little bits-done
  • repair and refinish original teak hatchboards one down, 1 to go done!
  • outboard: starter? does it run? – turns over, compression test & spark =ok, repaired grounding stop button
  • stepped-down power for:  GPS, stereo & iPod from main battery bah, don’t need
  • refinish motor lift & rudder mounts (teak)
  • inspect, repair, refill compassreplaced with new Plastimo
  • inspect, diagnose,  repair/replace knot meter – terminal…. use hand held gps
  • sand hull & paint? – new coat of vc17, yearly
  • investigate condition of original teak & holly flooring
  • real woodveneer on  bulkhead- remove plastic woodgrain
  • new cupboard doors & hardware – plastic woodgrain surface