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Back on the boat

Spring 2019 was very slow in coming, as such we didn’t get in any boat trips in June.

Now that July has come and it’s 40° in Toronto and time to sail the days away.

The girls are liking their new short haircuts, despite initial grumbling, great for hot days and swimming.
First visitors of the season were Lawrence and Isabel – we went for a great hike on Beausoleil Island with a swim and picnic in the middle.

Lake Garda – summer 2009

Today it is -15 ° outside and tonight I stumbled upon some photos from our honeymoon, these photos really warmed me up.
Lake Garda is in northern Italy, it runs north/south with steep mountain sides, creating a natural wind funnel. We stayed at the town on the southern end of the lake and found ourselves in the midst of a dingy competition – boy I wanted to hop in a boat and take off.

Bigger better faster – more expensive

I’m contemplating a bigger boat, while the Tanzer 7.5 is a perfect day sailor for us, with two little ones it is a bit difficult to contemplate longer trips. Given that we live so close to the boat we have never slept overnight on the boat, but the desire is there. With a larger boat I can envision spending time (days/weeks) on the boat – a proper head, kitchen with refrigeration, stove and cupboards, sleeping quarters and a kid friendly cockpit & swim platform go along way to selling the idea. Trips to the 1000 islands or Kingston, NYC or up the Trent Severn lock system seem much more palatable on a larger boat.

I own this boat now!

I am a bit stunned by how quickly the price shoots up on larger boats, so I have been researching fractional ownership. There seem to be a few companies in Toronto offering fractional ownership of new boats, but that seems a bit out of my league (price wise) and you don’t get a lot of sailing time. I know there are people out there sharing ownership so this looks like a good route – I am thinking more along the lines of a hybrid of bareboat chartering and shared ownership. In the course of my research I came upon a new website called nautical monkey . They are a Canadian company with a minimal membership expense. I am interested to see if it gets populated with people in the Toronto area.

Let me know you experience or thoughts on fractional ownership!