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Converting old winches to self tailing

My cabin top desperately needs a second winch on starboard where the mainsheet, jib sheet, outhaul and main halyard are located. I usually resort to cross winching the jib sheet to the port winch but this results in the occasional “clothes-lining” when coming up the companionway.

I was lucky to source some older Barient winches, and while they are in perfect condition it would be nice if they were self-tailing, although I do have clutches close by so it isn’t a deal breaker. Continue reading Converting old winches to self tailing

Winch overhaul

Winches seemed like an easy place to start. The Tanzer 7.5  was outfitted with Lewmar #8 single speed winches. I’ve got three, the third seems like an after thought on top to help haul up the mainsail. There is a winch on the mast, I think, can’t remember at the moment…
I did some research on the net and the it seemed that it would be a simple task to overhaul – and it was.  Lewmar literature (posted on Lewmar’s site) suggests servicing the winches twice a season, and once over winter. Given how dry and gooey these winches were, I doubt they were ever done.

A quick dissemble was in order followed by a cleaning in Dunk degreaser which leaves a super-light oil deposit. I then gave them a good oiling with a light 3-in-1 on the pawls and springs, spindle and roller bearings, a light dab of waterproof axle grease on the ratchet teeth. I a working on applying several coats of Cetol to the bases, in the video you’ll see the before and after.

I made this video below on reassembling a winch, more for the practice of making a video as the winch is really straight forward, hopefully someone will find it useful.