Trent Severn Waterway: part 2 Trenton – Peterborough

Alison and the girls came to Trenton by train. We spent the night and then pushed off, heading up the Trent River.


July 10 #1-8 Trenton to Percy Reach

The girls got lots of Canada 150 tattoos from the lock masters, Emma has at least four on her.We stopped for ice cream at a lock when Emma got stung by a bee, we think. The ice cream store was filled with old toys and lots of candy memorabilia. The man at the store was a bit of a character, telling Alison she couldn’t have a sugar cone, only a waffle, ok? It turned out to be a good thing but he was very odd about it making us a little wary while he scooped! We ended the day at the bottom of a lock, the girls made friends with some cottagers and had fun riding their bikes down the hill and throwing sticks for the dog.

July 11th  #9-18 Hastings

We had a good day with lots of locks, most of the lower locks were the only boat and the locks were ready and waiting for us. At each lock, they ask you how far are you going. The lockmasters call ahead to have the next lock ready for you. At first, we thought this was friendly interest in us and our vacation but we soon clued in that it was a standard question. We stopped in Campbellford for lunch and had time for a swim. We had a beautiful sunset and the girls played on the deck making a bed and jumping down the hatch onto the vee-birth below.

We pulled into Hastings in the dark and moored on the blue line behind a couple of cruisers leaving us exposed to the turbulence of the dam. It was like sleeping in a  washing machine, but mostly the fenders squeaked, regardless we all slept well and it was nothing like the turbulence we saw at Port Severn.

Because of the flooding, most of the dams were full open at night as they were trying to keep the water levels down. On several damns of this size, we experienced  3-knot currents. The current wasn’t an issue for our engine but the boat does tend to walk/drift sideways somewhat like a snake.

July 12 Rice Lake, #19 arrive at Peterborough late afternoon.

As glorious a day as Tuesday was, Wednesday was gray, cool and wet. The scenery was equally drab, abandoned and sunken boats, powerlines and open water were offset by several large birds in the marshes. The girls earned full marks for self-entertaining by playing with bubbles in the rain, it was magical to watch them trail off behind us.

The sailboat passing us is notable as it was only one of two that we encountered on the entire trip. They looked like they were surfing with the current and in a rush, or perhaps getting a rush.

A big part of the day was getting down Rice Lake and up the Otonabee River to Peterborough.

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