1970 Norton Commando Fastback
1970 Norton Commando Fastback

1970 Norton Commando Fastback


I bought my 1970 Norton Commando Fastback project bike from Herb Becker. This was basically pre-internet days and it was listed in the good old Buy and Sell I picked up a the corner store. It was my birthday present.

At the time I had an office in an industrial warehouse with a loft. I somehow dragged the bike up there and started to work on it. Back then I didn’t have much in the way of a digital camera so there isn’t much documentation, and what is is rather low res.

This is what I dragged home… the bike.

The previous owner started collecting the parts you see here, for a Fastback conversion. At quick glance, the bulk of the Fastback parts are there:

  • tank – missing the knee grip indents
  • seat– knee grips chopped
  • side oil tank
  • battery tray
  • chain guard
  • tailpiece
  • tach and speedo were fresh from a rebuild!

Closer inspection revealed the rest of the parts were either missing or desperately needed replacing … parts list

Many thanks to all those who have generously answered my pleas for help!