Anglo-Germanic love affair
Anglo-Germanic love affair

Anglo-Germanic love affair

I’m dipping my  toe into the into the  world of BMW motorcycle ownership and it seems that I’ve discovered another subculture of motorcyclist. Which leads me to the conclusion that bike owners are like their bikes. British bike owners, (BSA, Norton, Triumph etc.) are used to the engineering idiosyncrasies of bikes made in what was effectively a large scale cottage industry.

I know a guy into rat bikes, mostly I think, because a can of flat black spray paint covers up his complete lack of technical knowledge. ok – I admit this theory is all very loosely based, no empirical research has been done, but BMW-land seems to be a very orderly place.  The forums are organized,  bikes are highly documented and generally it seems a very well organized bunch of owners, verging on anal-retentive, which isn’t surprising for followers of a German bike made in the same high standards factory as aircraft engines until the late 60s.

Check out the video made for Untitled Motorcycles in the UK – they are producing “bespoke” customs and have a noir commercial featuring, you guessed it, vintage BMW motorcycles.

It feels like I cheating, like contemplating a breakup. I’ve seen something that excites me, that thrills me with the possibilities, the curves, the fine family, the brains balanced with beauty. Makes the old girl look plain, boring and frankly a bit English and horsey.

I want a BMW.

I think I was skirting the issue with the Puch, as lovely as it is it ain’t no BMW, but the Puch will stay. The 250 makes a great stable mate for the BMW (mixing metaphors…) Nope, the one to go will be the 850 Norton Commando. My first love is the 750 Norton, the Puch is just too much fun and cheap not to keep, so the 850 project will go.

Sorry, it’s not you, it’s me.