bags, covers, sail repair

bags, covers, sail repair

UV and weather take their toll on this life-sling bag (yellow)

Crew bags made from recycled sails and other up-cycled bits.

Another UV casualty, new throw-rope bag with mesh draining bottom, brass grommet and high-visibility nylon strap.

Leather wrapped shipswheel for warmth and comfort with decorative stitching.

Hatch screen bags, folding bicycle bags, outboard motor covers.

Anchor riding sail (Fin Delta style) to reduce weaving at anchor.

Small sail repairs, like rips or blow seams. This is a rip-stop nylon chute with a meter long tear from catching on rigging.

Dacron main sail with blown stitching – this helped get the rest of the season but the stitching thread was starting to let go everywhere.

bosun chair : tethers