Carb Inspection
Carb Inspection

Carb Inspection

Want to get bike running – pulled carb apart to see what condition it is in. My plan is to replace cables, fluids and drop in a battery to see what happens.

Gave the Bing 32 a thorough cleaning and tear down. Looks like the mileage is accurate as there is very little wear. The slide and needle are in excellent shape.  Check out the brass float – or “swimmer” as it is called in German.



  1. DugB

    Great find on the seat pan! I managed to find one a few years back, but had been searching for a while. My Puch is a ’62 250, Sears-badged. You probably already know about Motor West, but I find it’s pretty easy to order parts directly from Austria from RBO or Puch Weiser. I placed my first order from RBO online yesterday, so we’ll see how that goes. Good luck with the restoration…please post lots of pics, as I’m interested in seeing the immards 🙂 I did a ground-up resto on a BMW /2 a few years ago and am thinking my 250 might be the next candidate. 🙂

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