cushions & upholstery

cushions & upholstery

Lets face it, no one wants to sit on dirty smelly old boat cushions. We’ve sewn boat cushions to fit existing foam or supplied new foam. Cushions can come with piping or flush seams. New zippers with end pockets. We only use premium upholstery fabrics for maximum durability, comfort and suitability for marine environments.

Full interior, v-birth, benches and quarter birth cushions. different fabrics used to reduce cost. We use CAD layout for cutting to optimize fabric use.

Eighteen cushions covers to refresh a well loved 30 year old Ikea sofa.

Vinyl cockpit cushions.

Danish mid-century modern chair restored and reupholstered. Teak cleaned and finished with teak oil, design refined with new leather arm wraps instead of wings.