Cutaway “twingle” in Spanish Museum
Cutaway “twingle” in Spanish Museum

Cutaway “twingle” in Spanish Museum

May 2010

Found a photo of this “twingle” or split-single engine. I can’t make out the manufacturer,  Puch wasn’t the only one’s to make split singles. I know split-singles they were considered leading edge technology at one time. There is SRS on the case but I can’t read the rest.

I don’t think this is Puch or a DKW Contessa, can’t be a Garelli or TWN as the pistons aren’t side by side?  If anyone knows – drop a line.

Those are crazy tall pistons!


  1. Dan

    You know that looks like the side cover markings on a Horex. They used a motor made in Germany that was a clone of the 250 Puch motor. But I can only comment on the exterior of the motor. I do not know if it was a “Twingle” or single piston.

  2. Rudy

    I’m with Joe, you can see on the left side two axles coming out of the engine, in my opinion one is for the kickstarter and the smaller one for gearshiting. PUCH engines have only the gearlever on the left side.

  3. The engine ine your photo is a 175cc puch but sold in the states under the name of Sears all State(hence the letters SAS on the primary case.They were sold by Sears Roebuck corporation in the late50’s early 60’s for about 450 dollars.Also they became known in the states as twingles along with the larger 250(SGS) Allstate Special they had differant tanks(gas)rear lights and badges to the european models to get round a import tax duty.hope this clears up a few questions regards Bernie’Adler to Zundapp Club UK’

  4. Hi Fastback,greetings from the UK, I stand to be corrected Mick is right the motor is in fact what he says it is(he should know) a ISO one of three makes to put split/singles into production.The German Zundapp also had a prototype split/single in the thirties i believe disigned by Richard Kuchen? Richard after the war designed the ‘Grun Elephant for Zundapp,The ‘Bergmeister for Victoria and the Hoffmann ‘Gouveneur’.

    cheers,prost Bernie.

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