CVMG Milton Swap Meet: Oct.4, 2009
CVMG Milton Swap Meet: Oct.4, 2009

CVMG Milton Swap Meet: Oct.4, 2009

Went to the CVMG Milton Swap Meet to see if I could find some parts, looking for a headlight rim and any chrome. It was a grey damp day – so we took the car – besides you can’t drag parts home on a Norton.

I did find this seat pan! Didn’t expect to find many PUCH parts amid the Harley and Japanese stuff,  and I was right – except for the guy that had almost nothing but PUCH!


Here is the new profile – gone is the bench seat, long live the solo seat!


Race prepped BSA.
Califfo DeLuxe – great graphics.


Paul passed on this tasty vintage Suzuki fairing.

CVMG_Milton_2009_3A bit muddy…



  1. Paul

    I recently. bought an 1950 puch 250 and am looking for headlight bezel along with a seat pan. Having a hard time finding information on this bike and have it running.

    1. Fastback

      Hi there,
      Are you looking for the double seat or solo? I’ve got a spare double seat I might sell.
      I ordered a new headlight rim, reflector and glass from RBO in Austria. Lots of parts available from Puch Weiser, RBO and Matt at MotorWest in the US.
      Post your questions in the forum for help getting it running.

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