Evinrude Handle & repaint
Evinrude Handle & repaint

Evinrude Handle & repaint

January 2022

Two summers ago the plastic handle snapped as I lifted the motor. I epoxied it together and it lasted half a season. I spent the summer lugging the engine on an off the back of the boat, like a slippery watermelon, worried that it would fall into the lake. I thought about 3D printing or buying a new one, but that’s more plastic. I realized that a simple strip of aluminum would work perfectly and cursed Evinrude for yet another plastic component.

I ordered a bar from Granger, it arrived with no packaging, just a bare six foot length with a sticker on it. The delivery guy chuckled as he handed it to me.
I bent, drilled, filed it to fit around the air box and tapped a tab fir the cowl screw.

Next step is a paint job.

June 2020

I gave it a quick crack repair with fiberglass and epoxy, faired and then threw on a coat of primer. Next was some rattle-can silver, not a good match but… hey. The decals I designed in illustrator and cut on a vinyl cutter, put those on and coated with clear, mostly for UV protection.