June 6, 2008

I didn't have much time to work on my 1970 Norton Commando Fastback this winter, what energy was left I focused on my new project - a 1978 Vespa p125x. I will get around to the 1974 850 Roadster next winter.

This summer I will address maintenance and performance issues.
Redline Heavy Oil
I had the gearbox milled to fit new kick start and gearshift seals. The work was done by Bruce Chessel (Trition Machining). Finally, no more gear oil dripping on my pipe! Very pleased

With the gearbox cover off I took the opportunity to switch to Redline Heavy Shockproof Oil.

I did notice a small amount of fine brass dust in the gearbox sludge. I was actually amazed at the sludge in the gearbox. In my mind the gear box is still new, but it has been three seasons of riding.

modified Norton gearbox cover

As the 1970 Commando does not have a rear wheel cush, the gear box takes allot of stress. I figure this oil with low viscosity but excellent wear, will be the ticket to a longer lasting gearbox. One upside of Shockproof oil is that it is red, I now know I have a blown drive seal.

I'm having Bruce sleeve my original and severely worn out carbs. When they are done I will swap out the Amal 932 for the original 930, put the chrome slides in the 850 Roadster.

I finally upgraded to a larger battery. The 3amp hour worked but, most of my riding is in Toronto's gridlock, combined with my 60watt headlight, the battery was dying. It could be age too. So I have switched over to a traditional 11amp hour lead/acid battery. I do notice the bike running smoother, especially at, and just off idle. I was running the bike with the headlight off, but getting pulled over by the police gets tedious. For more on my setup see the Electrical Page.leakproof seals

Next up is to replace my fork seals. I have replaced one or both each season so I am switching to Leak Proof seals. Supposedly they are guaranteed for life...! I ordered mine from Old Brits- quick and friendly service.

For more on Norton Road Holder forks see my Forks Page.

July 1, 08

stainless fenderFRONT FENDER
Another item on my to-do list has been to replace the chopper/chopped fender.

I was holding out for a proper skinny fender to match the 3.90 Avon Roadmaster on the front, but can't justify one at the moment. I don't like the flat sides of the later fender.

The 850 Roadster came with a spare stainless fender. I beat the dents out, replaced the rivits with stainless screws and had it polished. Half the price of a new fender.

In the background you can see the new addition to the garage, a 1978 Vespa p125x. I'll post a link when I get the time to chronicle that restoration process.

750 Norton Fastback and p125x Vespa

I also had the reproduction kick start lever rechromed. Last year I had to bend it to fit around my latest set of pipes.
750 Norton kickstart lever

Here is a link to pictures of the lever bending process from last year.

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