My Setup:
  • Sparx three phase 210watt 12v alternator
  • 6 volt PVL coils
  • Boyer Digital Ignition
  • Halogen Headlight
  • ('72) MKII harness
  • 4 point Lucas switch
  • 12 volt, 3ah sealed gel battery.
    Upgraded to 11ah lead-acid. See '08 page.
Commando Alternator and boyer digital ignition
Sparx 3 phase alternator with regulator/rectifier and Boyer ignition. 210 Watts @ 6000rpm and 140 watts at 2000rpm should be enough to run the halogen bulb and keep the prince of darkness at bay.
3-phase Sparx alternator
The original Lucas rotor was about to explode - the center steel insert was loose and the rotor had been rubbing on the stator.

Coming soon: Wiring harness diagram.
commando wiring

halogen bulb

Halogen bulb, clips needed to be bent to fit.
Swap meet find, original Lucas Shell

Inside of Lucas headligh shell
headlight wired

Front brake switch.
brake switch

I was wondering why it didn't work when testing. It needs to be compressed. The two spade lugs touch the brass disk to complete the circuit when the rubber disk is compressed by the pressure on the cable sheath. So the moral of the story is your front brake switch won't work unless you have it installed.

Regulator/rectifier mounting bracket (left) and battery (right).

Ignition bracket
Custom ignition mounting bracket.

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