Here is the beginning of some information on the "Coventry Conversion" I'll endeavour to update/complete it at some point!
Norton Commando forks
Fork parts:
1. lower bush 5. fiber washer
2. fork tube 6. damper tube
3. alloy sleve 7. plug

4. upper bronze bush

8. damper rod, valve & damper tube cap

"The best way of providing a bump stop in this design is  simply to make longer top bushes - about one and a half inches longer in  fact. The exact length is adjusted so that even when completely extended,  with top and bottom pushes in contact, the damper valve stays just clear  of the underside of the damper tube top. With such bushes fitted and the  fork topped up with oil, the last fraction of travel is properly  cushioned as the oil holes are blanked off in turn until the hydraulic  lock occurs."

"Arranging a credible bump stop on full compression is even easier than providing one of full extension. All that is necessary is to block the existing holes in the lower section of the damper tube and  re-drill them in a position just above the taper."

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