Below is a selection of Nortons, some authentic and some specials, that have caught my eye and kept me focused when I am sanding at 1am, wishing I bought something, anything that was complete and running. Alas, that would defeat the purpose; this bike is about process as much if not more so, then result.
Tj's '70 Fastback Commando- restored from rot and neglect in California.

Colorado Norton Works Commando Interstate rebuild. Custom fender & brakes.
'70 Fastback Commando, with export (goofy looking) handlebars.
Scale Model. A good reference point.
A French special updated with goodies (look closely).

Norton America's 880 incarnation

Form & function: Elegance.

I love the silver frame / chrome tank of the Dominator and am using this as inspiration for my Fastback.

In my opinion, bikes got ugly in the 70's - not much better these days either.

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