Exhaust threads repaired by Herb Becker with a steel insert. (above)
Oil Pump serviced as outlined in the manual.(below)

Quicktime 360° view of cylinder head - dial up (240k)
Quicktime 360° view of cylinder head - high speed (1mg)

The chain ate it... filled it in.

Damage from kickstand repaired. bolt hole fixes and frame filled

Chain guard: New mounting bracket. after

Broken pinch on fork slider: to weld or not to weld?

I decided to weld - I couldn't justify the price for a new slider. Some time spent with a polisher. Shame the cases don't come up this nicely.

A nice chunk missing from the inside of the final drive cover. Must have lost a chain at one point.

Tail piece: paint stripped, "arms" reinforced and bottom reattached.

Rear Fender: Stripped many coats of paint and road goo.
How many holes does one fender need?

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