Finished frame, ready for assembly - on second thought - not quite. Clean as a whistle. This spot on the top tube was badly rusted, but came up quite nice.(below)

The green is almost impossible to get an accurate photo of, but the oil tank is pretty close! The paint is VW Fresco Green as seen on the Passat.
I know my choice of colours will drive purists into conniptions, but I think most will agree that the '70's were not a high point in style.
Besides, I only have one Norton Fastback and it is after all, only paint.

Assorted parts.

New certification plate. Boy is there is a story about this....
Plate on headstock - Tapered bearing seats in place.

above: New tank mounts/coil holder and 850 headsteady in view.
below: Painted tank mounts.

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