Hunter 340, 1999

Hunter 340, 1999

Behold our “new boat” – a 1999 Hunter 340 we splashed her for the first time in 2013. I think of her as the “Winnebago of the seas”. She’s beamy, roomy, full of mod cons and super family friendly. With roller furler main and furling jib I can single hand this boat. Will I win any races? No. Will my family be happy as clams? Yes, and that’s what it’s all about.


LOA: 33.75′ / 10.29mLWL: 28.58′ / 8.71m
Beam: 11.67′ / 3.56mListed SA: 682 ft2 / 63.36 m2
Draft (max.) 4.50′ / 1.37mDraft (min.) 
Disp. 11030 lbs./ 5003 kgs.Ballast: 4100 lbs. / 1860 kgs.
SA/Disp.: 22.10Bal./Disp.: 37.18%Disp./Len.: 210.93


  1. Ted Tlsty

    Hi. Nice site. Seems you have been in all the nooks and crannies. I have a ’98 and am getting ready to drop the mast due to some water leaks. I was wondering if you have any experience or knowledge of what I might find? (would love pictures). We clearly have a small trickle of water coming down the compression post as well as water that enters via the wiring conduit. I think I need to fix those before determining if there is also a problem with any of the windows.

    Regards, Ted

    1. admin

      My experience has been there isn’t much happening under the mast. It was a bit of a pain with the VHF and instrument wires, but not much of an issue. I did get water coming in the aft cabin through the arch bolts on the starboard side. Water was leaking down between the glass and the foam headliner. I put a bead of 4200 around the arch and that seems to have stopped that issue. Also some leaking from traumatized lifeline stanchions – just a quick fix of butyl around the bolts until I look into re-tapping the captive plates. Finally a leak in the v-birth from a gap at the deck and wall of the chain well/anchor locker – or I think that is where it comes in from heavy soaking.

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