Puch parts – and progress
Puch parts – and progress

Puch parts – and progress

February 2012

I bit the bullet and ordered a new (low) Magura handle bar, and a complete headlight assembly as my chrome rim is shot and the reflector is completely fried (see photos). Ed (from the forum) and I grouped up on an RBO order to save on shipping.The headlight is euro spec, with a different build and a separate pilot bulb. Luckily I found I have a euro spec bulb, I think it was thrown-in at a swap meet purchase. I love the Puch logo on the lens.

I took the opportunity to dig into cleaning up the handle bar clamp as it is not available from RBO (I didn’t bother to check other vendors). The clamp was so corroded it was like a flaky bar, I took off a lot of material to get it down to where it was reasonable to try and polish, it came up rather ok, the before photo doesn’t show the actual corrosion eating into the alloy. The levers polished up nicely too, the lever and the clamp seem to be different alloys as they patina differently. I’m not going too crazy polishing, just getting them back to shiny so it looks good with those sparkly new bars.
Its nice to actually do some work on the Puch 250, it has been a long time sitting in the garage, waiting patiently.


  1. Bengt Frey

    I know nothing about Puchs. I live in Costs Rica & ride my 1956 BSA Golden Flash. There is a 1958 Puch 250 for sale here, it appears complete. Supposedly restored. Would you have an idea of value, & where could I find photos of original 1958 Puch 250s.
    Thanks, Bengt

    1. Fastback

      These bikes aren’t that pricey as they were cheap to begin with and don’t have the cache of BMW or DKW, or British bikes. I’ve seen mint condition original bikes not sell on Ebay for $2500, but a junked up bike like mine would be in the $300 range. Hope that helps! Perhaps I will have to come and visit to see the bike 🙂

      ps – check out http://www.puchklub.at/puchdaten_typen_250SG/ for specs on Puch bikes

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