Summer fun!
Summer fun!

Summer fun!

Here are some shots of us, from the last few sails.  We have had several evening picnics around the islands. We have docked at “the wall” close to Center Island and anchored off Wards island Beach.  Our swim was off Ward’s Island, it is a Blue Flag beach, the water was the cleanest it had been all month, it seems to be the cleanest beach in Toronto!

The boat sails great, had it out last evening, we were cruising along around 6 knots.

mmm... burgers.

heading back to the club, beautiful sunset colouring the sails
Toronto skyline: Ward's Island on the left, the "Eastern Gap" straight ahead and Cherry Beach on the right.
Sophie driving the dinghy.
Mom & Dad!
Alison keeping Sophie out of the water - "wee, wee" cried Sophie.
In for a swim, off the Ward's Island beach (south side of the island)
Sophie's first swim in Lake Ontario - she didn't glow that night.
Sophie liked the cold water, but didn't want to venture out of our arms.

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